2013-11-19 23:16

The MogBlog static content generator

I celebrate a small milestone for the blog engine.

I decided to simply call it MogBlog.
It is a static content generation blog tool outputting static HTML pages. I was inspired by Jekyll and Octopress, but I do not like that they are managed from a command prompt. I want a tool with a web interface. Yeah, I have used Wordpress a lot. Open source, lots of fancy stuff and plugins, but in my opinion too heavyweight requiring PHP for presenting data and a SQL database as backend.

MogBlog aims for these goals:

No database? Well, not really. I'm using one of the oldest database systems in computer history: the file system. It is actually pretty good at storing unstructured data in various formats, optimized for finding and accessing, and often heavily cached.

PHP. Not the most perfect language but it is open source and extremely wide spread.

The small milestone I wrote about in the beginning is that MogBlog now supports: